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This is the third in the AMOC (Anharmonicity in Medium-Sized Molecules and Clusters) series of meetings. The first two meetings were held in Paris and Madrid in 2012 and 2015, respectively. The AMOC conferences are designed to facilitate a deep and critical discussion of all topics related to anharmonicity in a broad sense in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It is sincerely hoped that AMOC 2018 will prove just as successful as the two previous AMOC meetings to address, and possibly solve, new and still unresolved challenging problems in molecular sciences pushing further the state-of-the-art in this important field of science.

This conference series addresses

  • the treatment of anharmonicity, defined in the broadest sense, in molecular sciences;
  • new experimental and computational techniques addressing the dynamics and  spectroscopy of complex, intrinsically anharmonic systems.

The related applications include

  • the accurate description of highly excited rovibronic states of molecules;
  • the understanding of the characteristics and spectral signatures of weakly-bound aggregates;
  • the description of the dynamics of molecules adsorbed on surfaces;
  • molecules in cold and ultracold environments;
  • molecules in remote space;
  • long-range particle transfer;
  • matter interacting with strong laser fields.