Working group 4 workshop

Digital Exoplanets

Digital Exoplanets

Working group 4 workshop, Prague. Charles University, 27th (Sun afternoon) - 30th of January (Wed morning)

The workshop will focus on the data issues for atmospheric models of (exo-)planets (and cool stars). The approximate scope of the meeting includes (but not limited to) cross-sections, k-tables, super-lines, completeness, accuracy, (high-)resolutions, line-profiles and broadenings (both molecular and atomic), missing molecules, temperature/pressure ranges and grids as well as reaction rates, atmospheric chemistries, data formats and conversion scripts, program codes for processing the data etc.

There will be an opportunity for a more technical discussion, e.g. for hands-on or hackathon-like sessions, to present your work from a coding perspective and for PhD students and PDRAs to learn how to use a wide suite of algorithms. E.g. there will be short tutorials (for interested) on Tau-REX, ExoCross, MARVEL, run in parallel as afternoon sessions. To date, we have multiple workshops/conferences each year focusing on observations and theory, but very little on ‘how to actually run these codes. This workshop will attempt to bridge this gap, at least from the data perspective.



CCPQ: Collaborative Computational Project Q - Quantum Dynamics in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, funded by EPSRC UK

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University